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Does Microdermabrasion treatment hurt?

 Does Microdermabrasion treatment hurt?

Is microdermabrasion a painful procedure This is a common question, and we're not sure why microdermabrasion has such a negative reputation. Below, we address this and a few other frequently asked issues concerning microdermabrasion:

Is microdermabrasion a painful procedure?

Does microdermabrasion treatment hurt? we're often asked. A loud NO! is the response. This isn't simply an issue of perspective; if done properly, the therapy shouldn't hurt. To assure your comfort, all SkinBase therapists are educated in the proper method.

How does it make you feel?

The equipment works by sucking air into your face, making you seem as though someone is hoovering your face. Which is pleasantly surprise! The microdermabrasion crystals will also be felt as they pass over your skin. It's difficult to describe the sensation, but it shouldn't be uncomfortable or itchy.

Will I get flushed and need to take time off work as a result?

After careful treatment of the skin, redness or erythema is expected. Many variables affect how you blush, and some people never blush. The redness usually disappears within a few hours, although it may take some time. As you get used to the treatment, you may find that the redness of the skin decreases. By replenishing water, it keeps the skin cool and moisturized. You don't have to take a break from work.

Microdermabrasion is not an option for me since I have sensitive skin

Yes, you can Crystal reactions are uncommon. The simplest technique to determine appropriateness is to do a short patch test. Any post-treatment responses, in our experience, are caused by failure to follow the proper aftercare instructions. So, if you follow the advise offered, you'll be OK.

I hope this has answered one of your questions. Is Microdermablation a Painful Treatment? Yes, absolutely not Now is the time to book an appointment with one of the Skin Base therapists.

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