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Tips to get you in shape for summer

  Tips to get you in shape for summer

We're in the thick of a heat wave one minute and then it's a downpour the next. It is, however, vacation season, and whether you're heading to the tropics or firing up the grill in between rains, more skin is on display. If you've spent the winter hiding under layers of fleeces, these five summer glow hacks will have you glowing in no time.

shape for summer

1. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reveal your skin's natural radiance. A gentle blitz with a body brush for the face, but a good blitz with a body brush for the body. It's likely that you're tired all the time.

2. Exercise: Instead of pounding the pavement, consider pilates, yoga, or swimming to tighten and tone your body. Rodney Yee's A.M. Yoga is ideal for me 20 minutes in the morning ensures that I stretch and, if I'm not on the road, have a decent walk with the dog. If the weather is nice, do your workout outside - just remember to wear sunscreen!

3. Eliminate processed carbohydrates in favor of high-quality protein, plenty of vegetables, and a modest quantity of fruit. Protein will keep you filled for longer, and limiting grains can help you feel trimmer throughout the day by eliminating bloat.

4. When making smoothies, keep an eye on the calories. Fruits and frozen yogurts may add a lot of calories to your diet. When combined with water, our Protein Smoothie has 21 grams of protein and just 99 calories If you wish to include fruit, use dark-colored,

 thin-skinned berries like blueberry and raspberry. Rejuvenated's free e-book is available to download. Switching from fat storage to fat burning takes 6 weeks to re-set your body. Simply log in to your account, choose e books, and you're ready to go.

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5. Consume healthy fats. Essential fatty acids found in good fats assist to protect skin from the sun while also keeping it supple. Consume three servings of oily fish every week, as well as avocados and olives.

6. Keep yourself hydrated We all know we should drink lots of water, yet the majority of us fail to meet the recommended daily intake. To your bottle or juice, add a scoop of H3O Hydration. Key electrolytes in H3O Hydration propel water past the stomach wall, into the bloodstream, and maintain cells hydrated.

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7. Stay away from dry skin. While you're traveling, Collagen Shots is the greatest approach to avoid dry shins and elbows. Simply take as directed so that you may return with a tan and a wonderful shine.

8. Don't forget the sunscreen; you knew we'd say that, didn't you? It's always better to protect than to fix.

Watch our brand director, Russ, showcase some of our favorite Protein Smoothie recipes, and keep an eye out for our cheeky pooch Charlie, who steals the show.

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